Sheikh Malami Garba Emphasizes The Significance Of Zakatul Fitr

By Zakariyya Aliyu Gwaram

The Chief Imam of Modibbo Adama University Juma’at Mosque, Sheikh Malami Garba in his Friday sermon emphasized the significance of Zakatul Fitr.

Sheikh Malami explains that the charity fills the gap in fasting as a result of foul utterance, hence the need for eligible persons to give it out to the needy.

The Imam quoted a Hadith by Abdullahi Ibn Abbas, where Prophet Muhammad said zakatul fitr must be given before the Eid prayer, as it will be considered ordinary Sadaqah if given after the Eid prayer.

The Chief Imam encouraged people to give staple food that is common in their areas as Zakat.

Dr Malami Garba also disclosed that those who forget to give the Zakat before Eid and do not remember it until after the prayer, are permitted to give it afterwards.



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