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Mubi North: Clerics Cautions Against Divisive Utterance

By Sumayya Muhammad Dzarma

The Chairman, Muslim Council Mubi North who doubles as State adviser Mubi zone of the Council, Ustadh Ibrahim Danmama Umar has called on Islamic clerics to fear Allah and avoid utterance that will divide the people during Ramadan Tafsir.

The Islamic Scholar made the call during an exclusive interview with NASFM NEWS.

Tafsir means exegesis, that is the science of explanation of the Qurʾān, the sacred scripture of Islam.

Though tafsir can be done at anytime, it is common in the month of Ramadan which is aimed at explaining and reminding muslims on the words of Allah.

According to Ustadh Ibrahim Danmama Umar a person who engages in Tafsir is expected to be guided by moral and ethical conduct of the Qur’an thereby, urging clerics to be wary of their utterance.

He further stated that looking at the present condition of the country, clerics should intensify prayers for the country and preach unity amongst followers

He said Muslims should keep their differences aside and make use of the ample opportunity they have in the month of Ramadan to attain Allah’s forgiveness and blessings.

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