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Repent To God For Ease Over Hardship-Adamawa Clerics

By Zakariyya Aliyu Gwaram

The devine doctrine states that when unkindness,fornication, and adultery become rampant among the people, society is bound to face difficulties.

These were the assertions of Christian and Muslim clerics in an interview with Nas FM News Reporter Zakariyya Aliyu Gwaram.

Sheikh Khamis Abdulrahaman Damilu, leader of the Fityanul Islam Society of Nigeria, while quoting the Quran said Allah will never change the condition of the people occasioned by their actions unless the people turn to the right way.

He also cited from the Hadith actions of people that bring about poverty and hunger.

The Sheikh call on the people to exhibit the habit of making salutations to Prophet Muhammad Pbuh frequently and encouraged praying for the leaders.

In a similar vein,Pastor Joshua Kallamu of Great House Family Church said investing in the life of humans is better accomplishement than investing in anything else.

He appealed to followers of Christ to spare rations to people who could not afford grains.

As economic hardship bites harder, the religious opined that with genuine prayers and change in actions, devine intervention is near.


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