Economic Expert In Mubi Propers Solution To Current Hardships In Nigeria

By Peace Francis Danck

A Mubi based economic expert has called on the government and other stakeholders to have a round table discussion that will provide a lasting solution to the current economic hardship that is bedeveling the country

Dr. Adamu Yahaya of the Adamawa State University Mubi who made the call while interacting with NAS FM on the long and short-term measures that government need to put in Place in order to have a lasting solution to the problem of this country.

It is an undaunting fact that Nigerians are facing a very hard economic situation where by an ordinary Nigerian find it difficult to put food on his table.

It was against this backdrop that Dr. Adamu Yahaya mentioned some of the long term and short term measures that government need to do that will provide immediate solutions as the responsibility of breaking scoured lies on their shoulders.

The economic expert said sharing palliative is one of the short term measures if only it will reach the targeted audience, but he said in Nigeria palliative is ineffective in bringing people out of the current hardship.

He further stressed the need for collaborative efforts between the government and well to do individuals in the country towards encouraging private sector investment where people can be employed.

While speaking on food shortage he said government should apply moral situation by seating down with the stakeholders of that particular area to figure out the effect of hoading food.

He added that a strong agency should be set by government to checkmate their affairs and also bring out food to sell in an affordable price.

Dr. Adamu said Nigeria should stop over depending on petroleum alone and also avoid unnecessary borrowing looking at the interest that is attached to it.

He finally called on the government to encourage farmers by providing them with all the necessary farm inputs or even bring down their prices for the farmers to afford.

According to him that measures will reduce the hardship of the country.

Nigeria is a country that is full of good policies, but implementing them to the betterment of citizens is always a challenge, hence the need for government to work on policy implementation.


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