Lack Of Power Supply Crumbles Printing Businesses In Mubi

By Peace Francis Danck

Some owners of Printing Press business centers in Mubi Town, have expressed their displeasure over lack of power supply in Mubi which has drastically crippled their businesses.

Mr Edward Frank and Malam Abbubakar Ahmed Inde disclosed this in an interview with nasfm news.

Lack of electricity has crippled so many businesses in Mubi especially those whose businesses may not move on without power supply.

To this end, Mr Frank Edward,the chief executive officer of the Ngadi computer network service Mubi disclosed that lack of electricity in Mubi has really affected his business whereby he always buy two to three liters of fuel in a day before he can do some printing and photocopies

Mr Edward also hinted that before now photocopy is thirty naira but now it is fifty naira due to the hike in the Price of fuel, he therefore appealed to the government to come to their aid by making electricity available for their business to thrive.

Speaking in the same vein, the chief executive officer of the Sardauna Digital printing press, Malam Abbubakar Ahmed Inde, who also hinted that since twenty twenty during the outbreak of COVID 19 pandemic, he has been experiencing a slow movement in his business.

He further said that as a result of lack of power supply in Mubi, he spent four thousand to five thousand naira daily to enable him to work, adding that is really affecting his business and there’s no much gain like before due to the high consumption of fuel.

On his part Malam Salisu Adamu, a welding man in Mubi stressed the need for government to intervene in the electricity situation,as he is spending thirteen to fourteen thousand naira daily for him to have a successful work.

Salisu further hinted as a result of lack of power supply they have increased the price of their work done and that has make some customers to stop patronizing them.

Both of them therefore appealed to the government to look into the situation and make power supply available in Mubi for them to have a smooth running of their businesses.

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