Health Expert Opine That Unhealthy Living Conditions Adds To Hardship People Experiencing

By Zainab Muhammad Sa’ad

Environmental sanitation is an essential thing in a society, which involves the cleaning of the surroundings in the environment, to avoid the risk of harmful effects of the dirty environment.

However, the public is not taking note of this by doing what is needed of them to do.

It is against this backdrop that Mr. Ibrahim .B. Muhammad asserted that having an unhygienic environment, can cause pollution of air and rampant mosquitoes which causes numerous diseases like malaria, aggravated asthma, lung cancer and so on.

Mr. Ibrahim, also expressed his concerns on those who dump refuse in drainage ways, on the streets and on river banks as he hinted that, these refuse block the free flow of water which causes flooding.

The coordinator who assured that the ministry would make sure to organise environmental sanitation every now and then, called on the government and the authorities concerned, to endeavour to mobilise refuse trucks for the ministries for a safe and easy collection of refuse.



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