Dry season Farmers In Mubi Complains Hardship

By Susraty Baude

Some Dry season Farmers in Mubi have decried over the recent hike in the price of petrol, herbicide, pesticide Fertilizer among other farming inputs.

Dry season farming has been a source of livelihood for many farmers over the years.

Alot of dry season farmers who have smile over the years due to bumper harvest, are now lamenting how the skyrocketing prices of farm inputs have badly affected their dry season farming as many couldn’t afford.

In an interview, Hassan PRO is a farmer, while stressing how he struggles to maintain his dry season farm amidst the high cost of living said it has not been easy.

According to him, the recent increase in the price of patrol has become a major challenge to dry season farmers which has hindered many from engaging in dry season farming .

He appealed to the government to look into the plights of farmers in the state and take urgent measures to address the skyrocketing prices of fertilizer, herbicide and pesticide.

Speaking to NASFM News , Ibrahim Idris, a herbicide seller in Mubi market while stating some reasons why fertilizer among other herbicide have skyrocket in the market, urged farmers to bear with the current economic situation.

Findings by NAS FM News, also reveals that a litre of grammarzol is now sold at five thousand naria while the cartoon is sold at sixty thousand naria.

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