Experts In Mubi Cautioned Vigilance Against Snake Bites

By Zainab Muhammad Sa’ad

Some medical practitioners in Mubi have called on people to be highly cautious of their environment due to the alarming rates of snake bites and infestation of harmful diseases.

They made the call while speaking to NAS FM NEWS.

A hospital assistant from the General Hospital Mubi, Mrs. Ramatu Muhammad asserted that most people sleep outside during heat periods as a result, they end up getting bitten and stung by deadly animals.

She advised the public to indulge in keeping the surroundings clean and also to avoid leaving grasses in ones environment as it tends to harbour snakes and other Insects that can be harmful to the human health.

Speaking in the same vein, Bashir Idi, a student medical officer from the General Hospital Mubi, advised the general public to refrain from home treatment in case of snake bites or scorpions sting but rather, they should tie the upper part of the bitten area and rush the victim to the hospital for proper treatment.

Both Mrs Ramatu and Bashir opined that, incase of any snake bite scenario, the relatives of the victims should try to find the snake while coming to the hospital for easier administration of anti venom to the patient.

Lastly, they advised the public to ensure that they close their doors before going to sleep, and they should imbibe the culture of using mosquito nets at nights, even when sleeping indoors or outdoors and also to avoid walking without torch or flash lights at night.


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