Rt. Reverend Andrawus Gadzama Express Optimism Governor Fintiri will provide Electricity to Madagali People

In a riveting exclusive interview with Zakariyya Aliyu Gwaram, the Chairman of Madagali Local Government Area, Rt. Reverend Andrawus Gadzama, painted a canvas of optimism, infusing the air with the scent of impending change that Adamawa State Governor Rt Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri will deliver on provision of electric power to Madagali people.


Chairman Gadzama, a beacon of hope for Madagali, expressed confidence that the indomitable Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, a homegrown leader of Adamawa State and Madagali, will soon electrify the region, dispelling the shadows of persistent power challenges.


The chairman revealed that Governor Fintiri is actively exploring strategies and partnerships to ensure sustainable and reliable electricity supply for the community.

As we stand on the verge of this promising dawn,Chairman Madagali local government area, Rt.Reverend Andrawus Gadzama urged residents to hold onto this glimmer of hope, knowing that soon, the darkness will yield to the radiant promise of progress as Governor Fintiri always delivers

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