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Modibbo Adama University: Friday Sermon


Islamic Cleric in Yola, the Adamawa State Capital Malam Malami Mohammed Garba has encouraged Muslims Ummah to immediately break their fast when the sun set.

The Chief Imam Modibbo Adama University Mosque said that it’s the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad Pbuh quickening breaking of fasting.

As quoted in various hadith the Prophet Pbuh said to his companions anyone who did not eat when the sun sunsets, Allah have no reward for his hunger.

The Imam who was speaking during his Friday sermon, said once it’s ideal time for the sunsets even in doubt one should be quick in breaking fasting.

Among the benefits of upholding the Prophet’s tradition is Allah will strengthen the ties between Muslims.

He further said Muslims are encouraged in quick breaking of fasting to distinguish them with the Jews who breaks their fasting only when stars affair.

Mallam Malami Garba used the sermon to draw attention of Muslims in assisting one another especially parents as Allah is quick in blessing those who help their parents.

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