“Cold Water Affects Baby In The Womb”- Primary Health Centre Mubi


By Peace Francis Danck

The in charge of the Primary Health care center wuro Patuji, Mubi South LGA, Mrs Regina Ayuba Cheche, has advised all expectant mothers to avoid using too much of cold water and drinks as it affects the baby in the womb.

She said though the current weather is not friendly to them and also have some negative effects in the life of the unborn child.

Heat weather is the period where by most people like taking too much of cold water and cold drinks to prevent their body from being hurting especially pregnant women as it’s not friendly enough to them.

Meanwhile drinking too much of cold drinks by pregnant women

May cause cough, cater, and nimonea to the unborn child.

Mrs Regina Ayuba Cheche who said the weather is not friendly to pregnant women as it makes some of them to be sleeping on tiles, taking cold water which at the end of the day may in danger the life of the baby.

She further said that, the heat weather increases the risk of preterm and early birth also decreases the weight of the baby

While speaking on the preventive measures, she stressed the need for the expectant mothers to be dehydrated, have enough ventilation in their place of living, use light clothes on their bodies and also avoid the use of creams instead they should use Vaseline

Research showed that sixteen percent of the preterm birth is caused during heat period.

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