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Perishables Dry Season Farmers In Mubi Lament Water Shortage

By Joel Bulus Kwaja.

Lack of water for watering the vegetables on the farm, has become a major problem that is affecting the dry season farmers in mubi, Adamawa State.

The farmers and the customers expressed their displeasure while speaking to NAS FM NEWS.

A dry season farmer in mubi, who identified himself as Malam Umar, explained that lack of water on their farms has become a major problem affecting their farm plants, adding that the lingering issue is seriously affecting their Business.

He further stressed that lack of modern farming equipment such as generators and other machines that will make their work easy, has become a major problem that is also affecting the system of dry season farming in the council area.

On her part, Hanatu semon is a vegetable seller, lamented over the scarcity of water to the dry season farmers, saying that it affects their businesses which according to her the price of the vegetables has skyrocketed in the market, due to the shortage of water that the farmers are facing.

She also added that the business of selling vegetables has stopped where she said before now, they used to buy tomatoes, onion okro among others at an affordable price, but now the price has increased in the market, whereby the vegetables have become unaffordable to the customers

The dry season farmers and the vegetable sellers appealed to the government and some other relevant stakeholders at all levels to do needful, by providing the dry season farmers with boreholes, generators and some other machines in order to boast their business.

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