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Mr. Pitapwa F Vokito admonishes Brighter narratives for Adamawa in the New year

By Zakariyya Aliyu Gwaram


In a symphony of goodwill, Mr. Pitapwa F Vokito orchestrates a vibrant New Year’s wish, envisioning a tapestry of prosperity and unity for the dynamic youth of Adamawa State.

With eloquent fervor, Vokito extends his appreciation to the traditional institutions, likening their efforts to the steady rhythm of a drum, fostering a harmonious melody of peace and unity.

Mr. Vokito encourages collaboration and unity, highlighting the potential for positive change when young minds come together.

As the new year unfolds, his message resonates as a beacon of hope for the future development and success of the youth in Adamawa State.

As the curtain rises on the new year, Pitapwa’s expressions dance across the landscape, weaving a narrative of collaborative progress and the enduring strength found in the unity of traditions and youthful aspirations.

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