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Velvot Tournament 2024: “We are always ready to give back to the society” Aliyu Garba

By Zakariyya Aliyu Gwaram

In an effort to give back to the society through it’s cooperate responsibilities, Velvot Computers continues it traditional unity football tournaments in Jimeta.
The final of the latest edition was played over the weekend between FC Ajidadi and Santiago FC at Gauni Arena in Jimeta with the former winning(FC Ajidadi) in the penalty shootout.

In her remark, Team Manager of FC Ajidadi, Maryam Abubakar expressed gratitude to the orgernizers and applauds her players for the job well done.

In his remark, prominent philanthropist, community leader, Coverner of the tournament, and CEO Velvot Computers Aliyu Garba unveiled the purpose behind organizing a groundbreaking unity football tournament in Adamawa State.
Mr. Garba emphasized that this initiative is not merely a sporting event but a symbolic gesture aimed at weaving the fabric of unity within the community. He expressed his commitment to fostering a sense of togetherness, akin to the tightly-knit threads of a football net, in a bid to strengthen the social bonds that define Adamawa State.

Furthermore, Mr. Garba underscored the tournament as a cornerstone of his corporate responsibility, illustrating a vivid commitment to the welfare and development of the region.

He likened the tournament to a grassroots sports oasis, a nurturing ground where talents sprout and bloom, much like the lush vegetation that characterizes Adamawa’s landscape. Garba stressed that this sporting endeavor is not just a goal on the field but a visionary stride toward uplifting the local community, kickstarting a new era of collective support for grassroots sports.

Parts of the accolades given at the final include trophies, Jerseys, Fund and Scholarships to play abroad.

Among individual accolades received, Alamin of Velvot Fc was awared Best Player of the Tournament, Best Goalkeeper, Abbati Onana FC Ajidadi, and Highest Goalscorer,Isah Jambutu from Jambutu Selected.

Velvot a multifaceted ICT solution company,humanitarian and financial hub with offices across states and extensions abroad is owned by indigene of Adamawa state,Aliyu Garba.

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