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Misconception: Breastfeeding

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NAS FM NEWS. Breastfeeding

The Head, Infant and Young Child Feeding, Nutrition Division, Federal Ministry of Health, Dr Temidayo Odebunmi, has dispelled the misconception that breastfeeding causes breast sagging and distortion.

Speaking during a recent training for National Media Team on Nutrition in Abuja, Dr. Odebunmi said certain factors such as little or no exercise, unbalanced diet; lack of good support like wearing bra and others contribute to the non-firmness of the breast.

Similarly, the Chief Scientific Officer, Social Behavioral Change Communication (SBCC), Federal Ministry of Health, Mrs Grace Mogekwu, said breast change happens naturally with age, explaining that
as a woman grows older, she likely begins to notice the loss of elasticity and firmness of breasts due to the hormonal changes arising from menopause.

She attributed breast sagging to weight loss or gain, exercise without support, genetics, gravity, number of pregnancies, size and shape and smoking.

On her part, a 26 year-old mother of three and an Abuja resident, Mrs Mercy Abu, said none of her babies was breastfed because she feared her breast would sag or lose shape due to breastfeeding, adding that
she thinks she will lose her attraction to her husband if she loses her firm breast.

As some women deny their infants breast, particularly in their first six months of their birth, experts say the practice has negative consequences for infants.

They say it is one of the factors that contribute to malnutrition, stunted growth, child mortality rates, and other health challenges among children.


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