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Farmers in Mubi lament hardship

Some farmers in Mubi, have lamented over the removal of fuel subsidy in Nigeria under President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s led administration.

According to them, the removal of the fuel subsidy by the president has cost more harm not just to the transportation sector but also to the agricultural sector as well.

In an interview with some of the farmers from Mubi North, in Adamawa state, the farmers cried out for aids from the government in other to come their rescue saying removal of the fuel subsidy have increased the cost of living for the common man across the country.

The recent hike in the pump price of premium motor spirit, popularly called petrol, has adversely affected food production and subsequently caused the price of goods in the market to skyrocket.

Based on this, they insisted that the prices of items and chemicals for farming meant for farming had risen beyond imagination, stressing that Nigerians should brace up for about 150 per cent increase in the cost of agricultural produce during harvesting period.

Mr. Jeremiah Shagnah, one of the residents of Mubi and a farmer when narrating his ordeal on the removal of petroleum subsidy and the effect on farmers said farmers have not find it easy when compared to the era where subsidy was still enforce.

He revealed that the directive came at a very wrong timing because government did not make adequate provision of cushioning the hardship when it has been removed.

He further said that government should have make provisions for palliatives before removing the fuel subsidy, saying 80 per cent of Nigerians are farmers and for every policy that affects the farmers affects the country at large.

He further hinted that the price of fertilizer and insecticides in the market have increase calling on the government to always have the farmers at heart.

Speaking in the same vein, Mr.Essau, who is also a farmer in Mubi local government area of Adamawa state, said the farmers have been finding it difficult to farm due to current situation in the country, Essau, who was heartbroken said the price of herbicide, fertilizer and insecticide have been doubled due to the removal of the fuel subsidy, he further said the removal of subsidy have not actually help the poor especially the farmers, calling on government and non-governmental institutions to come to their aids.

Speaking with another farmer, Mrs. Ladi Bitrus she blamed the cost of living for the poor and for those who depends on farming for survival as a result of fuel subsidy removal.

The price of farm produce like rice and maize have shoot beyond the power of a common man in the country, she further said the poor are really suffering and need to be helped in providing them with fertilizer and herbicides, calling on the government to come to their rescue in other to overcome the economic hardship.

As a long-term solution, the Nigerian government should accelerate investments in the renewable energy sources. By diversifying the energy mix, reducing dependence on fossil fuels, and promoting clean energy initiatives, the impact of fuel subsidy removal can be mitigated.

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