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Fight AIDS in Nigeria Warns Unmarried Against Condom And Sex

By Tasi’u Hassan

Christian Faithful Fight AIDS in Nigeria, has warned unmarried persons against using condoms, sex and pleasure.

Reverend Moses J.K Thliza, who made the call in an interview with NAS FM reporter Tasi’u Hassan against this year’s World Condom Day, says condom has the potential to encourage adultery and immorality in the society, therefore not everyone is supposed to use them.

Reverend Thliza, said that fornication and adultery are sins

and forbidden by God, adding that children and students should not be given condoms.

The religious leader explained that God has ordained time for everything including sex, therefore, policymakers should regulate the use of condoms, and ensure that teenagers and adolescents are not allowed to use them.

He noted that society needs decency, morality, and healthy people, therefore people should not use condoms for pleasure, adding that sex for pleasure and adultery must be avoided, for people to keep their decency and culture.

The Chief Executive Officer, of Christian Faithful Fight AIDS in Nigeria, who is a professional primary healthcare and community worker, says because HIV AIDS, Hepatitis B, and other sexually transmitted infections can kill or cause infertility, people should be told the danger of fornication rather than promoting the use of condoms.

Reverend Moses J.K Thliza pointed out that married couples, who want to space their children can use condoms, and commercial sex workers can also use them to reduce

the risk of getting and spreading sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

On his part, Dr. Sani Abdulkarim Giade of the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Teaching Hospital Bauchi, says with proper usage, condom reduces the risk of contraception by about ninety-eight percent, however, the protection can be reduced with improper use.

International Condom Day is observed on 13th February every year to promote the use of condoms as a dual protection method in preventing unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including HIV.


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