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Nigerians In Mubi Says “Economic Hardship and Skyrocketing Of Medicine And Medical Service” Worst In 20 Years

By Muhammad Buhari

As Nigeria and Nigerians are experiencing economic downturn, consumers and stakeholders have expressed concern over skyrocketing in the price of medicines and other health service equipments which they lamented is the first being witnessed in the country for over 20 years.

In this special report, NAS FM NEWS interacted with buyers/patients and retailers in the Medicine industry in Adamawa State against the backdrop which they said is beyond their expectations.

Statistics have it that Nigerians with common and other illnesses are facing a daunting challenge over skyrocketing in the cost of medicines and other health services equipment, especially for those with diabetes, asthma, and high blood pressure.

In addition, some sorts of pharmaceuticals are sought to be lost in chemists and hospitals.

Some residents of Yola, the Adamawa State Capital, who went to chemists to purchase medications, lamented that the price at which the medicine retailers are selling the product is beyond the expectation of the masses.

However, the retailers of medicines and other health service equipment, attributed development to Nigeria’s economic downturn being faced across the country which is worsening the situation.

When contacted, Pharmacist Ibrahim Talba, the President of the National Association of Pharmaceutical Chemists, Adamawa State Chapter, related the development over the country’s economic reality that affected all goods and services.

He also said that many pharmaceutical companies have quit Nigeria, and they are giving their products to the local companies adding more profit.

Pharmacist Ibrahim Talba, who hinted that Nigerians are mostly consuming imported medicines from foreign countries, called on the government to allocate more funds to the health sector to support domestic pharmaceutical companies and avoid depending on imported medicines and other health services equipment for the benefit of all.

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