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“Day Break Nigeria”: Teachers in dire need of urgent salvation

By Sumayya Muhammad Dzarma

MEANWHILE: The Head of the Sociology Department, Adamawa State University, Mubi Professor S.T Umar said teachers in the country are in dire need of urgent salvation.

The Professor made the assertion while speaking on NAS FM’s “Day Break Nigeria” programme.

Professor S.T Umar who traced back the history of teachers through the colonial, post-independence, military military regime, and democratic government said the education sector has started facing challenges immediately after independence.

The professor associated the introduction of Universal Basic Education UBE as the genesis of the challenges faced by teachers in the country.

He further described a teacher as a person who is noble, contented, and selfless, noting that the introduction of professors into politics and electoral processes has done more harm than good to teachers and education at large.

The academic, therefore, called on the government to take strategic measures to restore the value of teachers by motivating them through proper remuneration, promotions, and enough budget allocations.

Kudos to all the teachers, who in thick and thin, have propagated knowledge and morals in society.

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