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Adamawa State Launches Major Agricultural Initiative with Federal University of Agriculture Mubi

By Zakariyya Aliyu Gwaram

The Adamawa State Government, in collaboration with the Federal University of Agriculture Mubi, has initiated a comprehensive agricultural project aimed at enhancing food security and boosting agricultural productivity across the state. This initiative involves the deployment of 49 improved crop varieties, including maize, sorghum, rice, cowpea, groundnuts, soybean, and sunflower, across all 21 Local Government Areas (LGAs) of Adamawa.

To further support this endeavor, the state government is financing the cultivation of these improved crop varieties on a one-hectare plot of land. The produce harvested from this plot will be distributed to local farmers next year, providing them with high-quality seeds to improve crop yields and resilience against food shortages.

This project is being coordinated by the State Food Security Committee and led by Professor Bitrus Dawi Tarfa, Vice Chancellor of the Federal University of Agriculture Mubi. Professor Tarfa emphasized the importance and timeliness of this collaborative effort in addressing the critical food security challenges faced by Adamawa State.

The introduction and multiplication of these enhanced crop varieties are expected to substantially increase agricultural output, ensuring sustainable food production and economic stability for the state’s farming communities.

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