Vandalism Major contributor to shortage of power in Adamawa state

Vandalism is consider a major factor contributing to the challenges of electricity distribution in our communities.

The Business manager Jimeta Business Unit of YEDC Mohd Usman discussed consequences of vandalism and Punishment to offenders with NASFM.

In Nigeria destruction of power supply equipments is common. This negative trend is ispo facto to the under development.

Recently in Adamawa this reckless,selfish,unpatriotic acts caused shortage of electricity supply to the people affecting livelihood,and economic progress of the state.

The business Manager YEDC Mohd Usman explained how vandalism affected their service to the public.

He equally cautioned people tampering with power meter as that can result to disconnection and legal litigation.

Mohd also urge the communities to be vigilant and assisting in monitoring Power equipments in their area.

Despite the obvious negativity of vandalism still individuals are found trespassing,vandalising and destroying the equipments thereby causing hardship to citizens especially in Adamawa known with heat weather.

It’s imperative security forces,traditional institutions, vigilant groups and the people come together to ensure vandalism is curtailed.

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