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Professor S.T Umar Backs State Policing

By Zainab Muhammad Sa’ad.

In response to the bill passed by the Nigerian House of Representatives to amend the 1999 constitution, which seeks to permit the 36 states of the federation to establish their own police forces, Professor S.T Umar, an academic from Adamawa State University Mubi, has called on the government to approve the bill in order to enhance the country’s security.

The Professor made the call during an interview with NASFM NEWS

According to Professor S.T. Umar, having a state police force is imperative to enhance the security of the country, as he strongly believes that with the force, there would be proper monitoring of all nooks and crannies of the city, taking into consideration the geographical nature of the country.

He also opined that, if the government would enhance the lives and livelihood of the police then they would stop being corrupt in their activities.

The academician strongly emphasizes the need for state governments to ensure the proper recruitment of security personnel and refrain from using them as their personal property.

The veteran professor insisted that the government must expedite the approval of the bill to mitigate the pressing security threats that the country is currently facing.

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