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Mubi Residents Laments Cost Of Grains

By Susraty Baude

In the main time, some residents of Mararaba Mubi have decried over the skyrocketing price of grains in the market which has become unaffordable for the common man .

The residents while expressing their ordeal to NAS FM News, said they barely afford two square meals a day.

The hike in the price of grains especially maize, beans, rice among others has continued to become a major problem to people.

It was against this backdrop, that some residents of Mararaba Mubi while expressing dismay over the skyrocketing prices of grains, said they cannot afford to feed their families any longer.

According to them, a bag of maize which is now sold at the cost of 80 thousand naira keeps on skyrocketing daily in the market.

The residents further appealed to the government to come to the aid of the less privileged as many of them go to bed with an empty stomach .

As farmers are now planting maize, groundnut, rice among others hence the need for the government to intervene in curtailing the hike in the price of grains.

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