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Haze Affects Human Health, Expert

By Tasi’u Hassan

For some time now, residents of Adamawa state and some other parts of the country have been experiencing haze.

Haze according to health experts has health implications on human, hence the Nigerian Meteorological Agency, NiMet, advises people on safety measures, whenever it predicts dust haze.

However, some people go on with their normal activities without protecting themselves against the effect of the haze as advised by health experts and the NiMet.

Haze comes from both natural and human-caused source, and it affects the lives of millions of people worldwide.

According to a Bauchi-based public health specialist, Dr. Hassan Shuaibu Musa, haze brings a risk of various diseases such as cardiac arrest and asthma.

Dr. Hassan, who explained that heavy haze makes people feel dull and unhappy, added that persistent exposure to haze, smoke, and contaminated air causes miscarriages, and preterm birth, and affects children’s weight.

He noted that haze affects over seven million people in a negative way each year across the globe, adding that in 2019, about 6.7 million premature deaths were recorded due to low air quality occasioned by haze and other contaminants.

Dr. Hassan added that haze also has economic effects, as it causes flight cancellation, while some people don’t go out to make a living for themselves due to the fear of the health implications of the haze.

While advising people to mask themselves, close their windows, and limit the production of household waste, the public health specialist advised parents to keep their children warm and stay indoors during haze season.

Dr. Hassan Shuaibu Musa called for the institutionalisation of policies that will bring about normal production of industrial goods and the regulation of energy and transport sectors to reduce the presence of haze, smoke, and environmental air pollutants.

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