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Governor Fintiri Leads Condolence To Alh Usman Biri Farare

By Zakariyya Aliyu Gwaram

Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, along with key state officials and entourage including former Adamawa State Governor Bala Nglari,Secretary to the State Government, Hon. Awwal D. Tukur, and the Chief of Staff, Dr. Edgar Amos, visited Alhaji Usman Biri Farare at his home to express their condolences after the tragic death of his wife in a severe car accident.

The visit by Governor Fintiri and his team was to show solidarity and extend their deep condolences to Alhaji Usman Biri Farare and his bereaved family during this difficult period.

They offered words of comfort and affirmed their support to the family in mourning.

In his remark,Stephen Maduwa reiterates his friend,Governor Fintiri’s commitment to kinship and support. 

Throughout the visit, Governor Fintiri, Hon. Awwal D. Tukur, and Dr. Edgar Amos stressed the significance of coming together and offering support during times of loss, pledging that the government and its officials would be there for Alhaji Usman Biri Farare and his family as they navigate through their grief.

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