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FRSC Mubi speaks tough on Reckless driving.

By Susraty Baude

Overspeeding and reckless driving by motorists have been fingered as some of the factors that contribute to incessant accidents on the road, especially during the festive period.

The Unit Head of operations, Federal Road Safety Corp, Mubi, Chief Root Commander Tumba Manga stated this while speaking to NAS FM Susraty Baude.

Overspeeding has become a culture for some motorists, especially during festive periods such as weddings, Christmas, Sallah among others.

An investigation has shown that the rate of accidents during festivities is usually high as most drivers are rushing to reach their destination.

Speaking on the development, the Head of Operations, FRSC, Mubi Chief Root Commander Tumba Manga who frowned over the nonchalant attitude of some motorists spoke on some of the dangers of overspeeding.

He maintained that the reckless driving of some drivers during ember months has claimed the lives of many people.

The FRSC boss reveals that the command has put in place measures to checkmate the activities of motorists to ensure they comply with the traffic rules and regulations.

Root commander Manga further called on motorists to ensure the safety of their passengers when traveling by obeying traffic rules.


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