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Village Head of Yolde Pate denies video on Graveyardclaiming Pigs exhumes dead bodies.

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The Village Head of Yolde Pate in Yola South local government area of the state, Alhaji Muhammad Jingi, has debunked a video clip made by one Amina Usman, claiming that the cemetery of the area is in a sorry condition.

In the video currently being circulated on social media, the woman, Amina Usman, claimed that pigs enter the graveyard and exhume dead bodies in the night, due to the collapse of the Do-Yolde’s graveyard.

However, in an interview with NAS FM’s Tasi’u Hassan, the Village Head of Yolde Pate, Muhammad Jingi, described the woman’s statement as false and misleading, noting that there was never a time that pigs entered the graveyard and exhumed dead bodies.

He acknowledged that some parts of the wall of the graveyard have cracks and holes, explaining that the broken parts of the wall are being repaired at the moment.

While urging the public to disregard the woman’s claims, the village head urged security and other authories concerned to invite the woman to explain her reason for spreading lies.

Alhaji Muhammad Jingi, urged whoever wants to help in maintaining the graveyard, to contact him or any stakeholder in the area.

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