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Mubi:”Price of Gas A major source of concern”.


By Susraty Baude

The recent hike in the prices of liquefied natural gas across the country has become a major source of concern to many Nigerians especially the less privileged who are struggling to survive due to the economic situation of the country.

A cross-section of Mubi residents who spoke to NAS FM reporter, Susraty Baude, called on the government to look into the situation.

For the past few months, the price of liquefied natural gas has continued to skyrocket across the country which has forced many Nigerians to resort to other means.

Many people who use cooking gas are now opting for firewoods, charcoals, and kerosene among others.

When NAS FM News visited some gas stations along Mubi burnt brick, some consumers who came to refill their gas cylinders were stocked due to the hike.

Usman Abdul-Mumini, a welder who depends on his business for survival, decried how the hike in gas prices affected his business.

Abdul-Mumini called on the government to look into the economic situation of the country as the common man can hardly afford natural gas.

Speaking on the development, a gas filling station manager, Daniel Musa, attributed the recent increase in cooking gas to the storage of vessels, devaluation of the naira, and high cost of fuel among others.

Findings by NAS FM show that a single kg of gas is sold around N1200 to N1300.

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