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Gombi Legislators impeached Speaker: Wesley Philibus


Gombi Local Government legislators has impeached their Speaker Wesley Philibus and Majority Leader also move to impeach council chairman, Hon. Abdulrahman Dauda

The Legislators accused their former leader for incompetent and Abuse of Office as well as the misappropriation of public fund in the local government area.

The Legislators took their actions during Friday plenary session at the Council Chamber of Gombi Local Government secretariat.

Eight out of ten councilors of Gombi Local Governments during it’s sitting presided by the deputy speaker Hon. Tanimu Isa, Councilor representing Tawa Ward unanimously took the decision.

The motion of impeachment of leader of the leader was raised by Hon. Samson Sule representing Garkida ward and seconded by Hon. Mathew Yusuf, Councillor representing Guyaku ward.

Consequently, Hon. Husseini Shehu, councillor representing Ga’anda ward and the chief whip announced the nomination of Leader, Hon. Hon. Barnard Gnabam, councillor representing Duwa ward of Gombi Local Government Area.

Hon. Musa Adamu Yusuf, councillor Gombi North was also announced as majority leader during the sitting.

The deputy Clerk of the Council Sani Yerima Balla immediately Inaugurated the New Leader of the house and Majority Leader.

The speaker adjourned the sitting to Monday, the eleventh of September 2023.

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