Ganye Emirate Sallah Message: Eid Eil Fitr 2022

Muslims faithful are encouraged to maintain the prayerful spirit from the holy month of Ramadan in order to seek Allah’s intervention for peace stability in Ganye Chiefdom, Adamawa and the entire nation.

This was part of Eid message of Chief Imam of Ganye central Mosque, Imam Aliyu Battare shortly after the prayer at the Wukari Eid ground of Ganye town.

Imam Battare also insisted that traditional institutions remain pivotal to solution of ethnic misunderstanding, farmers harder’s conflicts.

Therefore, government at all levels should continue to seek their wisdom for a peaceful coexistence.

In his message, Gangwari Ganye Alhaji Umaru Adamu Sanda emphasized on unity, vigilance and support to security authorities.

The monarch also reminds his subjects especially those who are yet to get their Permanent Voters’ Card to do so as election draws near.

He concluded by cautioning parent to be responsible, accountable to their children’s upbringing and Ward Heads to look out the movement of strangers within their domain.


Among the traditional title holders who graced the Sallah Festival at the Palace includes, Ciroman Ganye Alh. Abdullahi Bashir, Sardaunan Ganye Alh Adamu Atiku Abubakar, Jakadan Ganye Alh Aliyu Abubakar, the eighteen district heads of the Emirates among others

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