Food Commodity Sellers bypass Market in Jimeta Lament poor Patronage

Market survey conducted by NAS FM News reveled that some price of commodities in jimeta bye pass market have increase and decrease, compare to previous months.

Jimeta bye pass market is the popular commodities sellers’ market, during our market survey we find out the price of maize in the market was decrease.

Ahmadu Abdu, chairman Maize sellers in jimeta bye pass market says previously the sack of maize was sold on 20 thousand while now was sold between 16 to 17 thousand.

On his part chairman rice sellers in jimeta bye pass says the price of rice in the market was increased which he said each measure was sold on 700 or 750, while previously was sold 600 to 650.

Hannatu hassan, a maize buyer says the price of commodities in the market was exorbitant, called on the government to intervene.

There was infliction in the market across Nigeria were people are used to complain about the situation.

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