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Teachers lament negative impacts of Violent Video Games to pupils

By Zainab Muhammad Sa’ad

Teachers have expressed their worries over the violent behaviours their pupils portray at schools as a result of the movies and video games they are exposed to.

The teachers said the videos serve as a key factor that affects children’s learning.

Learning is the process of acquiring new understanding, knowledge, behaviours, skills, values, attitudes, and preferences, but some factors affect the primary stage of learning.

Mr. Nehemiah Ukonu, the Head Master of Mundra Model School, said children at a younger age tend to learn new things quickly which affect their behaviours and attitude to learning be it positively or negatively.

Mr. Ukonu said he observed that pupils of this time mostly play violent stunts because one of his pupils went out of his way to bring a dagger to school for their stunts activities.

He added that, after thorough research, he discovered that watching violent movies and video games are the main causative agents of the pupils’ strange behaviours.

The teacher who lamented that even class control becomes difficult for the teachers, urged parents to control the screen limit of their children.

Speaking in the same vein, Mrs. Besong Christy who happens to be both a parent and a teacher at Mundra Model School said children who are exposed to
screens at an early age tend to behave exactly as what they watch in movies and video games most especially, the violent scenes.

She disclosed that her biological children are also affected by the wrestling shows they watch in movies.

She opined that children of this generation are unable to logically think for themselves as a result of the movies they watch.

Mrs. Besong also decried that parents nowadays do not prioritize bonding time with their wards due to their tied schedules.

She, therefore, called on parents to put more effort in grooming their wards.

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