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Health: Apollo in focus

By Tasi’u Hassan

Cases of Conjunctivitis, known as Apollo, are on the increase in some parts of the country, a development that raises concern among members of the public.

However, an Optomologist, Dr. Ibrahim Zakariyya Abubakar, has urged people not to panic, and advised them to take precautionary measures.

Dr. Ibrahim Zakariyya of the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Teaching Hospital, Bauchi, says Apollo, is an eye infection that occurs from time to time, but is rarely serious, if addressed promptly.

He said Conjunctivitis which is also called Pink eye, is mostly caused by some bacteria and viruses, and can be spread through contact with the infected people.

Many people assume that one could be infected through eye contact with the infected person, however, the Optomologist said there is no prove to that, as most of the infections occur due to direct contact.

He identified itchiness, redness of eyelid, irritation, discharge, blurred vision as some of the symptoms of the Apollo, noting that it is also sensitive to light.

Dr. Ibrahim Zakariya, who said that people of all age groups are at risks, advised people against sharing items like pillows, towels, glass, clothes amongst other sharable items, so as to prevent themselves against the eye infection.

He enjoined the infected persons to avoid contact with people, and to also seek urgent medical interventions, instead of using unprescribed medicines that may damage their eyes.

While Nigerians continue to battle the Conjunctivitis also known as Apollo or Pink Eye, in Pakistan authorities have shutdown more than 56,000 schools for the rest of the week, in an effort to curb mass outbreak of the eye infection.

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