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Adamawa State Reintroduces Sanitation Exercises To Promote Cleanliness

By Zakariyya Aliyu Gwaram

Adamawa State, under the leadership of Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, has reintroduced sanitation exercises in a significant move to foster a clean and healthy environment.

This initiative aims to instill a culture of cleanliness among citizens, complementing the government’s ongoing infrastructure development efforts.

Recognizing that a clean environment is essential for the well-being of its citizens, the Fintiri administration is committed to promoting hygiene and preventing disease.

Cleanliness not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the state but also attracts investments, tourism, and businesses, contributing to economic growth and social well-being,said Fintiri.

The government emphasizes the critical role of a clean environment in public health, economic development, and community pride.

To support this initiative, citizens are encouraged to actively participate in sanitation exercises, properly dispose of waste, and maintain their surroundings.

The governor is adamant that together, the citizens and the government can create a clean, healthy, and prosperous Adamawa State, urging everyone to join in building a better future.


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